duplicator pro wordpress plugin FOR FREE

Duplicator Pro – Best WordPress Plugin for Migration & Backup

What is Duplicator pro WordPress Plugin?

Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Makes Website Management Easy.

Duplicator Pro lets you protect your pages from failures while making them portable for hassle-free domain or web host changes. 

View all your backups in one simple interface.  The clean & simple package creation screen.

Can I duplicate my WordPress site?

Cloning your WordPress site can come in handy in several ways, including: When you need a staging website: Testing major updates live is a risky business. 

Therefore, having a clone of your site enables you test your changes before updating your live website.

duplicator pro wordpress plugin FOR FREE

Does duplicator work with multisite?

Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro supports multisite network backup & migration. You can even install a subsite as a standalone site!

Is Duplicator PRO worth?

Overall I have had a great experience using Duplicator Pro

It has saved me hours migrating sites from the staging site to the live sites.” 

“The Best WordPress Plugin for Site Migration and Backup.” 

“My overall experience with Duplicator Pro is really nice.


Andrea Scarfo'
one way or another there is always a solution
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Since the beginning of 2022, I have moved from various single hosting several sites to my single cloud hosting. Importing Softacoulous seemed like the best route, but it never worked due to the very common server timeout errors. Duplicator consumed me a few gigabytes of connection but it always worked. When it didn't work the first time, there has always been an alternative solution: the most used is "archive manual extraction". Super deserved 5 stars. There would also be a handshake and a permanent contract, but I'm just a poor webdesigner
Works great; Super easy to use
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This plugin did a great job of easily transferring my website.
Works wonders
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Always works for me since many years.

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