Free SSL Certificate 2021

How to Get Best Free SSL Certificate For WordPress Website 2021

How to Get Free SSL Certificate For WordPress Website 2021

Are you aware that your website is shown as “Not Secure” if it’s a non-SSL website? This means you will lose traffic & User interest if you do not use an SSL certificate on your website.

Due to the fact that an SSL certificate helps protect your website data, online payments are actually needed.

SSL certificates to Buy is typically very costly. You probably want to keep costs down if you’re just starting a blog or creating a DIY website.

Fortunately, you can receive a free SSL certificate to reduce the expense of your website. In this post, we’ll show you how to easily obtain and set up your own free SSL certificate for the WordPress platform.

What is SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer is the full form of SSL Certificate. It is an internet protocol for the sharing of data between a browser and the website you visit.

When visiting websites, each internet user transfers information. Sensitive information, such as payment details, credit card or login credentials can be also found.

Using the standard HTTP protocol, hackers can hijack this information. This is why SSL Certificate or HTTPS is required.

Sites need an SSL certificate from one of the authority issuing the certificate. The certificate is verified by a Padlock sign and HTTPS instead of HTTP in the user window address bar.

Need of an SSL certificate for Your WordPress Site?

For all internet websites, SSL / HTTPS is recommended. All sites that collect user information such as login information, payment details, credit cards etc., are therefore absolutely important.

You must get an Valid SSL certificate immediately if you run an e-commerce shop, a membership website or need users to login.

Most payment services online include the use of SSL/HTTPs on your website before payment can be accepted.

In addition to protection, SSL certificates installation provide your users with a positive perception of your brand. Google also suggests the use of SSL and research shows that the searcher results on sites that are activated by SSL are marginally higher.

Finally, Google Chrome shows your users that your website is not stable, if your website does not use an SSL certificate.

How to get Free SSL Certificate

How Does SSL Certificate Work?

Now that we have discussed what SSL is and why it is relevant, Now let’s see  how does an SSL certificate work?

By encrypting the data transfer between a user’s browser and the website, SSL protects information.

When you visit a website for SSL/HTTPs, your browser first verifies whether the SSL certificate for the website is installed.

If all is checked, the browser uses the public key of the website to encrypt the content. This information is then returned via the public key and private secret key to the intended server (website).

How SSL Works

What is the SSL certificates Price?

Cost of SSL certificates varies between certificates. Its prices could range from Rs. 1500-Rs. 2000 per year. Some vendors offer their licenses for extra services that may also impact the costs of your SSL certificate.

We recommend using if you are buying an SSL license. It is one of the India’s largest Hosting services and provides the best deal on SSL certificates.

You may ask your hosting provider to install it after you have purchased an SSL certificate.

Before doing so, however, it is important to check if you can Get the Free SSL certificate.

Video Tutorial

How to Get an SSL Certificate for Free?

Because of the extra costs many website owners refrain from using SSL. Many small websites were subject to data theft.

Let’s Encrypt, a non-profit project, agreed to address this through the creation of a freely accredited entity.

This certificate authority aims to simplify the obtaining of a free SSL certificate for website owners. If more and more websites start using SSL, the Internet can become a safer place.

Due to the popularity of the project, major companies such as Google, Facebook, Shopify, and many others soon got the support.

The task is to install Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates for an early user as this calls for the coding of information and the knowing of server systems.

Fortunately, the best companies of WordPress hosting already sell their hosting plans with a free SSL certificate (some of whom are using Let’s Encrypt).

You can save your choice of one of these providers by downloading your own free SSL certificate.

Here are the Top Hosting Companies for WordPress which offer their plans for hosting free SSL certificates.

– Bluehost

– SiteGround

– HostGator

– WPEngine

– Dreamhost

– InMotion Hosting

– GreenGeeks

– iPage

– Liquid Web

You can toggle on your free SSL certificate from your hosting dashboard if you already use one of these companies. Just log in and scroll down to the “Security” section of the cPanel dashboard in your hosting account.

Your web hosting control panel can vary, depending on your hosting business. You may ask your hosting provider to enable this feature if you have difficulties finding the free SSL option.

Installing Free SSL Certificate on WordPress

You will need to set up WordPress to use HTTPS instead of HTTP in all your URLs once you have enabled your free SSL certificate.

This is easy with the Really Simple SSL Plugin installed and enabled on your website. See our step by step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more details.

When the plugin is activated, it will verify if the SSL certificates are activated. After that, HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS and updated to continue using SSL/HTTPs.

You must ensure your website’s URLs are loaded using the HTTPS protocol to make your website entirely stable. This simply is done by correcting the URLs when the page loads. Easy SSL plugin.

If you still load a single URL using insecure HTTP protocol, your website won’t be absolutely safe in your browsers’ case.

You must use the inspections feature of your browser to find and replace these URLs with the right HTTPs URLs to address these URLs. See our guide for more about how to repair WordPress’ mixed content mistake.

It’s pretty easy to set up free SSL certification in WordPress with a Really simple SSL plugin. This is why we encourage all beginners to do this.

But when the page loads it captures unsecure URLs that increase the load time of your page slightly. This is why advanced WordPress users use the manual method to set up their free SSL certificate.

Detailed step-by-step instructions to help you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS are available (which shows both the manual method and the plugin method).

This article hopefully helped you learn how to receive a free WordPress SSL certificate.

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