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MARKITO 2.0 Ultra Review and Bonuses

MARKITO 2.0 Ultra – Discounts, Promo Code, and Huge Bonus! Are you searching for more knowledge? Please read through my review before selecting it, to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of it. Is it worth your time, effort, and cash?

MARKITO 2.0 Ultra – Product Overview

Vendor: Arunn Agarwaal
Product: Markito 2.0
Launch Date: 2020-Jun-25
Launch Time: 01:00 EST
Official WebsiteClick Here
Front End Price: $67
Offer: No Monthly Fee (Onetime Offer)
Bonus: Yes my Premium Bonuses are available
My Take: For the Price of this Must Have this Multitasker!

What is MARKTIO?

World’s #1 Powerful All-in-1 Marketing Automation System which allows You To Profit From The Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger under ONE Central Dashboard With ZERO MONTHLY Fees!

Don’t you think it’s amazing? But wait. There are more things you should know about it.

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Marktio Core Features


❓ Do you have a Facebook page for your business?
❓ Are you having problems attending the queries, objections, and grievances from your customers 24*7?
❓ Are you afraid of hiring a social media manager because of your trust issues?
❓ Do you wish that there was an automatic way to handle the messages immediately, on your page?

The Bad News is Facebook does not have a front-end feature like this but the good news is that Markito brings to you a world-class solution for this issue.

Markito is technically a messenger marketing software for Facebook. It helps you to address to your customers through technical setups. This invention is very new and surprising, tried, and tested for ourselves. The even better part is that we got massively positive results by using these tools.

A perfect software you require to have the best out of the good you already are having, to help you grow and prosper.

“Soar the sky because the sky is the limit!”


❓ Do you have a business on Facebook?
❓ Do you sell not one but multiple products online?
❓ Are you facing certain problems to market your products exclusively to prospective customers?
❓ Do you feel agitated by sorting and sending messages of promotions to different clients one by one?
❓ Are you facing chaos in handling ur inbox flooded with messages of different customers asking about different products?

Markito’s E-commerce feature brings to you, the solutions to those problems through its software.

✔️ Multiple-stores
✔️ Product Management
✔️ Category and attribute management
✔️ Coupon System
✔️ Mode of Delivery
✔️ Order Management
✔️ Order Receipt in Messenger
✔️ Easy and Flexible Integration with Messenger Bot

See How Does it Work?


Do you have some announcements to make about offers, giveaways, discounts, events, etc.? The problem is, you have a huge number of people to approach, time is less and to send messages to each one of them individually doesn’t seem humanly possible, Right?

Markito’s Bulk Message Sending feature enables you to send messages in one go to all the people you want to approach.

Markito is just like a virtual assistant you’ll have.

It will help you through it’s

✔️ Bot Settings – that is like, immediate and automatic responses due to some settings of mere keywords
✔️ Bulk Message Facility – sending information to chunks of customers at one go as per your choice.
✔️ Trustworthy – Markito is a mere software, unlike human beings, it is least vulnerable to making mistakes and cheating on business issues from you. So, you always have this sense of relaxation when you have it.
✔️ Zero Monthly Fees – Markito doesn’t charge you any monthly charges so you do not need to add that expense to your list of monthly bills.

Bulk Message feature has an option to send messages to different groups, in a compact manner without any chaos. You are just a click away from your work of hours being done in a minute.


✔️ Social Media Posting – Markito comes with such features, that it covers maximum possibilities of reaching out to the prospects.

✔️ One click Bulk Post to Social Media – Markito enables you to post your content on 8 of your social media handles at one click. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Reddit, and WordPress.

✔️ Text, Link, Image & Video posting – Markito allows you to have absolute flexibility of sharing your content at all platforms, in all ways. Be it in text, in the form of images or shot videos.

✔️ Campaign Scheduling – Campaign scheduling in Markito helps you to post your content, on your desired social media handles, at your desired time on your behalf. You just have to set the time like you set alarm for waking up every night.

So easy, so simple and so much of reduction of the workload at once right? That’s what Markito brings to you. It saves time and makes the task easier than ever. You are just a click away, always, from doing tons of work get done at once.


Drip SMS and E-mail feature of Markito helps you to send those messages as you want. In proper sequences, for follow-ups and discounts, separately. It sort of gives a proper and clear understanding to your clients and keeps your inbox and chats more organized than ever.

Isn’t that relaxing to have the assistance of such an amazingly designed software for your page? You are an entrepreneur, a blogger, a creator but with Markito, you can be a cooler version of all of that.

What are you waiting for?


▶️ Unlimited Auto Comment Campaign
▶️ Unlimited Auto Reply Posts
▶️ Unlimited Conversation Promo Broadcast Send
▶️ Unlimited Email Broadcast
▶️ Unlimited Facebook Pages
▶️ Unlimited Facebook Posting
▶️ Unlimited Inbox Conversation Manager
▶️ Unlimited Messenger Bot – Connectivity: JSON API
▶️ Unlimited Messenger Bot – Connectivity: Webview Builder
▶️ Unlimited Messenger Bot – Email Auto-Responder
▶️ Unlimited Broadcast: Subscriber Bulk Message Send

▶️ Unlimited Engagement: Checkbox Plugin
▶️ Unlimited Customer Chat Plugin
▶️ Unlimited Links
▶️ Unlimited Send to Messenger
▶️ Unlimited Export, Import & Tree View
▶️ Unlimited Messenger E-commerce
▶️ Unlimited One Time Notification Send
▶️ Unlimited RSS auto-posting
▶️ Unlimited SMS Broadcast – SMS Send
▶️ Unlimited Social Poster
▶️ Unlimited Utility Search Tools

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