Top 5 Reasons Why you need to Drink Kangen Water? Discover the truth!

What is Kangen Water and Why Should You Drink It?

Hello Everyone, I am Digital Patel, and today I am going to be sharing with you my Top 5 Reasons Why you need to Drink Kangen Water? Hopefully, by explaining these different benefits, maybe you also decide that you should drink this water too.

Reason 1: kengen water

Reason #1: Kangen Water is Alkaline.

The food that we eat and the drink that we drink, they are acidic, or they are alkaline. Most people do not realize it, but they are consuming acidic things daily.

Hamburger, Soda, French fries etc. all those different things are acidic. In an acidic environment, the disease can manifest and grow. Whereas in an alkaline environment, the disease has a tough time of manifesting and growing.

You want your body to be alkaline, but most people are acidic, and that is why we see diseases running a rampant. Kangen Water is alkaline, and it helps balance our body back to homeostasis and become alkaline, so diseases do not have the opportunity to manifest and grow.

Reason 2: Kangen water Enagic

Reason #2: Kangen Water is Micro Cluster.

When the water travels through the Machine, it is electrified by 8 Platinum plates that process is called electrolysis. There is so much force or electricity going through that Machine. It changes the molecular structure of the water and makes the water molecules smaller, so the water molecules become micro-clustered.

Imagine that if your cell was a chain-link fence and you were trying to throw baseballs, maybe one out of every ten baseballs would get through.

If you threw golf balls for that chain-link fence, you know that you would get at least eight or nine or ten out of ten of them.

That’s the difference between regular water and Micro clustered water.

If you drink a gallon of regular water, it’s going to sit in your stomach, and you’re going to feel bloated. Whereas when you drink Kangen water, you’re getting cellular hydration so you can drink a gallon of Kangen water and you’re not going to feel all bloated and uncomfortable.

The water is not going to sit in your stomach. It’s going to be absorbed on a cellular level and get into your bloodstream and hydrate your brain, and it’s so essential to get cellular hydration.

About 75% of people are dehydrated right now, and dehydration is one of the leading causes of disease, so you want to get cellular hydration. You can do that by drinking Micro clustered Kangen water.

Reason 3: Kangen water machine price in India

Reason #3: Kangen Water is filled with antioxidants.

When the Kangen water goes through the process of electrolysis, it changes a molecular structure of the water, and it also adds molecular hydrogen to the water. Molecular hydrogen is an antioxidant, and it’s extremely powerful.

An antioxidant reverses oxidization and you do not want oxidization in your body.

Oxidization Causes Aging!

It’s like when a Grape turns into a raisin. Imagine that happens to us we go from looking young to a raisin in which we become all wrinkled and old.

We don’t want that so we can reverse the oxidization process with antioxidants that will keep us looking young and it will keep our bodies functioning at their best.

When you drink Kangen Water, you know that you’re drinking molecular hydrogen which is a potent antioxidant. There are tons of benefits to drinking antioxidant.

Reason 4: Kangen water India

Reason #4: Kengen Water can wash-off pesticides from your fruits and your vegetables.

I do not like consuming poison. I had no idea that even organic food has pesticides.

Once I started using the 11.5ph healthy water that the Kangen water machine produces, I started realizing how many pesticides I was consuming.

Now whenever we cook of a meal, we always wash off vegetables with the 11.5ph healthy water and the water turn yellow from all the pesticides that it’s stripping off.

The reason is that pesticides are oil-based because farmers do not want the pesticides to rinse off when it rains.
That’s why pesticides are oil-based as we know water does not mix with oil, but Kangen water does.

When you rinse off your vegetables or your fruits with the 11.5 pH Kangen Water, you will strip off the pesticides from your fruits and vegetables.

You will visually see those pesticides in the water it is disgusting, and I’m so thankful that I have a Kangen Water machine because I don’t want to consume those poisons.

Reason 5: Kangen Water machine

Reason #5: If you drink Kengen Water, you’ll most likely save money.

I was spending Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 – even sometimes more per day on what I thought was healthy water. They are not healthy. Water that sits in a plastic bottle is not healthy.

It’s not healthy for the environment, and it’s not fit for you because plastic has all sorts of different carcinogens in it. When the water sits in those plastic bottles, it absorbs all of those chemicals.

You drink that water, and that’s not good for your body. So not only was I paying for water that wasn’t even good for me but I was spending so much per month on that water. I was spending thousands of rupees per month on water bottles.

So, when I got a Kangen Water machine, it immediately saved me money and my health. Also, on top of that Kangen Water machine is a full tax deduction. I can claim my GST back, which is cool.

So, today I’ve gone over five reasons why you should drink Kangen Water. I understand that getting a Kangen water machine is an investment, and maybe it’s not cheap, but it is a 100% smart investment.

Once you drink the water, you will understand what I’m talking about. You’re drinking alkaline, microcluster, antioxidant-rich water that can wash off the pesticides on your veggies and prevent the disease from forming in your body. 

How much is that worth to you? For me, that is priceless, and that’s why I decided to invest in my health because if you don’t have the health, you don’t have anything. It doesn’t matter how much money you make in life if you don’t have your health.

Health is the most important thing. An investment in your health has the highest ROI, so these are the five reasons why I drink Kangen Water, and hopefully, you decide to drink it too.

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