Big Revelation about Affiliate Marketing Scammers: Must Read & Be Safe!

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Today we are going to discuss affiliate marketing scammers!

A Lot of people are doing affiliate marketing nowadays, let’s understand this.

I am sure many of you know about the affiliate marketing business, right?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

E.g., I have a website, and I run ads on that particular website, but that ad is not an actual ad but is merely a link when someone clicks on that link which leads to a product site, and it’s a successful conversation then you get some commission.

You might have seen many YouTubers, they provide a link in their description, and when people click on those links and buy that affiliate product, they get a certain amount of commission. Successful conversion of that affiliate product gets you some profit. It’s a common way of earning Affiliate Commission, which is 100% legal and genuine.

How does Affiliate Scammers Work?

Not everyone is following an ethical path or genuine Affiliate Marketing; what they are doing is, they create a decent looking and start contacting Affiliate Marketing Companies by approaching them to be their Affiliate Partner.

Now, what does this mean? Affiliate Marketing Scammers will approach those Companies and pitch that I have a website and I will Place your product Link on our website and promote them. Here we are not discussing Conversion base affiliate marketing, but it is more of a CPC (Cost Per Click) base.

There are two types of Affiliate marketing; CPC & CPA.

For CPC based affiliate marketing you will get paid for every click you get on an Affiliate link or Ad.

In CPA based affiliate marketing, you will get paid only after a successful conversion.

Once these Affiliate Marketing Scammers connected with Affiliates or Companies, they put their banners and Link on their website. They have a team of 10-12 members and use a proxy which keeps on changing their IP Address and brings fake traffic on their website.

Affiliate Marketing Scammers - Fake Traffic

How these Scammers generate Fake Traffics and Clicks?

They have a team and they visit their own website for say 1-2 minutes and then click on the affiliate banner and go to client’s website and stay there for 1-2 minutes then back-off and change the IP address and do these activities throughout the day. They generate Fake traffic and represent real traffic to Affiliate Marketing Companies.

What is the Math behind this activity?

E.g., My website generates 100,000 fake traffic, and I run five affiliate Ads on my website, so I tell my team that I need 5,000 clicks every single day. That means 5% of visitors clicked on those ads and redirected to Affiliate website. According to Client, the google analytic Traffic is real and authentic, and they pay money for fraud.

This operation goes on for some time and by the time company realize that it’s a scam and we are not getting any conversion out this and it’s a fake traffic, these scammers accuse client of Website Issues, High product Price, Slow website, Bad User Intersect, etc. and upsell with Website modification services. They run the campaign for 5-6 months than client stops the work meantime they trap other company.

The question here is why Companies/Clients go for this type of Affiliate marketing and not for Google Ads?

The answer is Google ads cost per click is higher than these scammers. Like a keyword cost Rs. 15 per Click, these scammers charge Rs. 1 per click. Due to greed, companies hire them and trapped themselves. People are still going for this process and facing a lot of frauds from a long time and how this is affecting the whole Affiliate Marketing Community.

This is not ethical, and it won’t stay for long. I don’t like this, and I do not support this activity at all. Personally, I condemn these types of unethical practices. I wrote this article to raise my voice against these scammers and fraudsters. If you also want to support me then please like, share and comment.

I hope you like my article and attempt and please keep a distance from these types of Termite community and stay safe.

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