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How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile to Drive Serious Targeted Traffic?

LinkedIn is a prominent, professional social networking platform and best social recruiting podium online.

Linkedin Profile is not a secret anymore; The user base of LinkedIn is growing fast, and at present, it boasts of 259 million active users, and Forbes claims that every LinkedIn user is worth $93. Additionally, to synchronize with the global shift toward mobile use, LinkedIn has offered several additional specs and provided an update of LinkedIn mobile application, which now calls for 38% of the unique visit.

But, how can you avail the power of LinkedIn on a personal note to enhance your business opportunities?

Well, it all commences with your LinkedIn profile. Check out the optimization tips to know how a professional profile should look like;

1. Add a Picture to your LinkedIn Profile

Do you have an idea, the addition of a profile image, makes your profile, 7 times more viewable by the other users? People want to see the real person behind the profile. Your picture represents your personally and professionally and remember you smile.

2. Include a professional heading

The headline area sited below your name is the first thing that people see while checking out a LinkedIn profile in search results. It is a perfect place to brand yourself and your company and use all the information that will catch the attention of the people and help them find more things related to you and your company.

Another idea is to include @Twitter page also in the headline so that the users can easily connect with you on Twitter too.

3. Include right links in your Contacts

In the contacts section, you can write about your email, phone number local address, instant messaging ID, 2 other website links and Twitter details.

In the website link, you can add your company website, social networking sites, and log to establish useful contacts with the other people of the same category.

4. Go for a Customized LinkedIn Profile URL

Though LinkedIn offers a default URL, whenever a profile is created, however, you can set a customized URL to get the additional SEO benefits and for a professional look to your profile.

You can accentuate your branding by including this personalized URL on your business cards, email signature, and website. LinkedIn Profile marketing strategy basically lies in promoting your work to the people of your segment.

Showcase how you can perform the same task better than the others in your field.

5. Display Examples of What You Do

Since the time LinkedIn purchased SlideShare, the social media is continuously working on increasing the profile value of the members by providing them the chance to add YouTube videos, documents, pictures and SlideShare presentations related to your work and segment. You can include your work in the Experience Section and write about Summary to build your brand.

Well, all you got do is invest a some of time on your LinkedIn profile. There are several things that you can include in your daily posts.

If you wish to learn the real power of the LinkedIn, then go for LinkedIn training provider services.

Learn how you can optimize your profile in the best possible way to drive targeted severe traffic.

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