Top 10 Online Job Search Portals

Top 10 Online Job Search Portals to Find your Dream Jobs

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In this article, I am going to share top 10 Online Job Search Websites where you can get the best Jobs for you.

The most common and maybe the most straightforward way that every job seeker uses to discover the newest work opportunities is by using online job portals. Technological advancements have increased the reach of the internet to rural and remote areas.

In today’s digital era, it’s not very hard for anyone to check out the latest available jobs in any field. Generic job boards are offering any jobs while some others are niche job websites providing jobs in a particular area. 

Job seekers can find new opportunities not only from job websites, social media channels, and online discussions forum are also some places where one can look out for their requirement.

While one can still lookout for a job in conventional ways, but the job search is quite easy on a job portal. It saves much time, and one need not to browse multiple websites for a job. It might be a little confusing for anyone to consider which one is the best. Some of the famous job sites are traditional one like Monster, Dice and Career builder where one can search for a job among job list from many job portals.

While on the other end, a few new AI-based Job search websites are doing a remarkable job in this field. On such a platform candidate create their profile and then the Artificial Intelligence-based programs match their resume with available positions. Finding a job on such a platform is fast and hassle-free. One can utilize these platforms to their most and find their dream gig in a few clicks.

Here is the list of top Job Search Portals with some quick tips;

1. Indeed:


This is the most popular job search website with millions of available jobs for almost every profile. Indeed shows available jobs other sites and display them on a single place. Job opportunities available on indeed may appear on leading newspaper classified, company’s career section or any other online resource for job search.

With indeed, a user can either create their resume or upload their resume and get a unique link for their resume which they can share with any employer. A user can directly apply for available jobs and can research for the latest salary updates. Using Indeed’s mobile app might be quite handy for your job search.

2. Career Builder:

Career Builder

Career builder is a multilingual job search engine founded in 1995, offering jobs in different fields. On this platform, posts are listed directly from employers. Career Builder also contains local jobs available in different regions collected from newspapers to make its online classifieds section more valuable for its users.

3. Dice:


Dice is another name quite popular among tech job seekers, one can search for a job with a company’s title, any specific keyword or jobs for a particular location. On Dice, registered users can upload their resume and can collect salary information for different job profiles.

One can receive custom job notification straight to their email. Dice skill center section also offers great content for job seeks to stay updated with attest trends in their field.

4. Glassdoor:


Glassdoor is considered as an online community instead of a job search website. On this platform, candidates can see the evaluation of different companies based on rations provided by real users.

One can lookout for the latest salary trends showing minimum, average and maximum salaries for a particular role.

On this versatile platform search for a job, check out company reviews or compare salary reports from different employers in your region.

5. Google Jobs:

Google Jobs

This job search platform is offered by Google that aims to help job seekers find job listings that are suitable for them. Google always customize the search experience for any individual based on their search and location history.

Google compiles a job listing based on user search behavior and collects data from different job websites. A user can do a search with a keyword and then narrow down their search for specific locations, company types, date and employers.

6. LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is a kind of portal where you can spot almost every professional; it is the world’s largest professional’s network where one can find jobs, company profiles, and informative content. A user can follow their favorite companies and get the latest available openings straight to their LinkedIn feed.

On LinkedIn, any company may lookout for deserving candidates as per their requirement, and you may get a job offer straight in your LinkedIn messages from your dream company.

7. Monster:


Monster is one of the original job board that expanded itself to include jobs from a wide variety of domains. On monster finding a job I not much different from other job portals, but it has no doubt that the monster has earned much credibility since its existence on the web.

8. US.Jobs: 


On US.Jobs one can find a variety of jobs from “Machine learning engineer to Supermarket Delivery person”. This platform shows different jobs collected from 2500+ niche job websites. One can upload their resume on the portal and apply for suitable jobs. Employers can also look out for candidates on this portal.

9. Niche job search sites: 

Niche job search sites offers jobs that are based on specific criteria like a particular industry or position. Excellent sites may offer jobs for different domains like healthcare, Information and Technology, Government Jobs or may offer internships for a particular field. CrediBLL is an excellent example of niche job sites.

10. CrediBLL:


CrediBLL is a newcomer in the market, offering Jobs in the technical niche. If you are a techie looking for a job in areas like Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics, Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, Design & Verification, Full Stack and DevOps, then CrediBLL is the best job search platform.

On this platform, candidates don’t apply for a job directly, they create a profile, and the AI-based platform matches a candidate’s profile with available jobs as per the skills mentioned in the profile. Services provided by CrediBLL are free of cost, and their talent advocates guide you throughout the process until you achieve your dream gig.

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