How to Build Better Twitter Profile That Gets More Followers?

Introduction to Twitter!

When it comes to developing the ideal Twitter profile, you have to approach the task the similar how you would want to establish the perfect curb side appearance for your house. Like your home, you too want to flatter visitors with what they get to see from outside. Twitter offers an excellent platform for supporting your brand and promoting it on various other social media platforms.

How to optimise your Twitter Profile?

To optimise your Twitter profile may come across as no rocket-science. However, it is nothing less than a shock for social media experts to see that many small, as well as large brands, tend to ignore a proven Twitter marketing strategy or strategies to zoom ahead of their competition. If you continue to use egg as your display image, then it is time to go through some latest Twitter marketing tips to brush up on your Twitter profile enhancing skills. Social media image makeovers have become anything but standard, and you should certainly give a thought to it.

SEO Title –One way of optimising your account has a username on Twitter. The username, as well as the name included in Profile Settings, serve as your profile’s title tags.

Keywords in Bio: The information included in the Bio section of your Twitter profile is also critical.  Thus, you stuff strategic and relevant keywords in the Twitter bio. For instance, a service like Klout Pull will be using your bio information as the profile description on your Klout profile.

Twitter search engines like Fomrulists and FollowerWonk use keywords found in your bio in different search results when visitors scout for similar tweeple whom they can follow. You may also consider including a Twitter handle, hashtag if it is applicable.

Twitter Profile - Get Connected

How to create Twitter lists for Profile and why they are important?

If you approach any Twitter training provider, he/she will inform you how important it is to create Twitter lists. These lists serve as an excellent tool many Twitter users fail to utilise these lists. Twitter lists become extremely important when you have a considerable number of followers.

Twitter lists can be created by classifying followers based on their location, their industry, what are they tweeting about and followers whom you interact the most with.

You can also create a private list where no one but you only can view the list. Here, you can add people whom you are not following.

Twitter Directories that are must to submit Profile!

Twitter directories serve as an excellent resource to look for new followers who are thought leaders from a particular industry, who reside in your location, and even those who have the same hobbies and interests as you. Some of the most popular Twitter directories are; ( (

Just Tweet It (

How to embed Tweets to your website?

Embedding is a process through which you place your tweets on your blogs or website. Embedding tweets is much beneficial as compared to just putting up an image or a screenshot of the tweet on the webpage. When you embed a tweet, visitors can also view how many times that particular tweet got re-tweeted or was made a favourite.

It is quite simple to embed a tweet in your website. You need to hover over the tweet which you want to embed. When you hover on it, you can see a ‘More’ button. Click on this button. A menu appears, and you can see an option ‘Embed Tweet’. Click on it and follow the instructions.

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