Optimize Linkedin Profile

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile to Drive Serious Targeted Traffic?

LinkedIn is a prominent, professional social networking platform and best social recruiting podium online. Linkedin Profile is not a secret anymore; The user base of LinkedIn is growing fast, and at present, it boasts of 259 million active users, and Forbes claims that every LinkedIn user is worth $93. Additionally, to synchronize with the global shift toward mobile use, LinkedIn has offered several additional specs and provided an update of LinkedIn ...

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Big Revelation about Affiliate Marketing Scammers: Must Read & Be Safe!

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Digital Patel. Today we are going to discuss affiliate marketing scammers! A Lot of people are doing affiliate marketing nowadays, let's understand this. I am sure many of you know about the affiliate marketing business, right? What is Affiliate Marketing? E.g., I have a website, and I run ads on that particular website, but that ad is not an actual ad but is merely a link when someone clicks on that ...

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